/We have been producing cider using freshly squeezed apple juice in the Leningrad oblast’ since 2016
Bullevie Cidre
We deliver taste to impressions!
Every sip of Bullevie Cidre is an opportunity to immerse yourself into the world of cider making and savour the unique taste of authentic cider.
/About Us
Bullevie Cidre produces natural cider from freshly squeezed apple juice, based on time-tested recipes and the talent of our master cider makers, led by Dmitriy Tikhomirov
We cultivate the first autochthonous cider apple varieties in Russia. The company owns 12 hectares of apple and pear orchards. Terroir: the village of Oleshno in the Luzhskiy district.
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We kindly invite you to visit the Bullevie Cidre factory and to delve into the world of cider making. Get acquainted with the traditions of cider production and taste the main varieties.
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/The philosophy of Bullevie Cidre
Exceptional naturality

When creating Bullevie Cidre beverages, we use exceptionally natural ingredients, ensuring consistently high quality and elegant taste of cider in every bottle.

Special flavour

Bullevie Cidre beverages boast a refined and harmonious taste, acknowledged by brand enthusiasts worldwide, as well as the judges of the Glintcap USA 2018 and 2019 international competition.

Proprietary production technology

The exceptional flavour is the hallmark of outstanding cider. For true connoisseurs, we have verified and improved the time-tested recipes, and have built up a high-tech cider-making process in the Leningrad region. Our exclusive tour allows you to get acquainted with the Bullivie Cidre production cycle and also to taste different cider varieties. Please find the details here

Continuation of traditions

Bullevie Cidre is about the art of enjoying life, about love and belief in one's craft, as well as skill and team spirit. We carry on a centuries old tradition and at the same time we constantly interpret classic recipes and discover new ones.

Discover the elegant taste of true cider — with Bullevie
Basing on time-tested recipes and the talent of the Bullevie Cidre team led by Dmitriy Tikhomirov, we have built up a high-tech process of creating cider from freshly squeezed natural apple juice in the Leningrad region.
Sparkling cider
Feel the value of every moment
The combination of delicate fresh flavour and delightful taste will make your experience with Bullevie Cidre unforgettable. Bringing joy and ease, our cider will become an essential part of your leisure.
Craft cider
Discover the taste of true cider
The pleasant tartness of the flavour, inspired by the recipes of the world's best cideries, turns every sip of Bullevie cider into an endless pleasure. Feel the richness of nature and lightness of life with Bullevie craft cider.
Alcohol free cider
Take pleasure from life
Enjoy the variety of the Bullevie non-alcoholic beverages. Unusual fruit, berry, and botanical combinations will turn every moment of your life into something special.
Apple Shorly
/Experience the abundance of nature
Try Bullevie Shorly - a non-alcoholic lightly carbonated drink blended with natural apple juice. The refreshing glass of Shorly will not only energise you but also quench your thirst perfectly.
Contains vitamin C and antioxidants
Contains pectin - which lowers cholesterol rate
Ideal for those watching calories and aiming to keep their body in a perfect shape
About us
The most significant events happen when you decide to change your approach and do something in a new way

Dmitriy Tikhomirov is the founder and CEO of Bullevie Cidre enterprise, the first certified cider maker in Russia.

While travelling across Normandy, he tried French cider and was instantly captivated by its subtle taste and flavour. In 2016, after returning to Russia, he established the Bullevie Cidre company.

At the beginning of the path, Dmitriy collaborated with world known French cider producer Etienne Dupont to develop the best recipes for the new brand. The next several years, he was producing test batches until he was convinced that what he could deliver to the market is a true masterpiece.

His passion for cider and his desire to create unique natural products with his own hands led to a successful business
  • We reinterpret the traditions of different cider cultures all over the world and create our own unique recipes. Our products fully satisfy all the Russian Federation governmental standards and regulations
  • We are proud to be one of the top three producers of natural cider and freshly squeezed juices in Russia
  • We deliver cider to >100 cities in Russia
  • We produce > 1,000,000 bottles of elegant cider per year

/Bullevie - «bubbles of life»

The name of our brand takes us back to France - the place where our founder Dmitriy Tikhomirov and his family firstly fell in love with cider.

Cider is a sparkling beverage, so the company took the phrase «Bulles de Vie» as the basis for its name, which is translated from French as «bubbles of life».