/Craft cider
Discover new facets of flavour with Bullevie craft cider!
With a wide range of flavours, every sip of Bullevie Cidre becomes an endless pleasure. Experience the richness of nature and the easiness of life with Bullevie Cidre.
Reasons to buy Bullevie's craft cider

A palette of unusual flavours

Each new variety is always about creativity and constant experimentation to find new recipes and flavour palettes.

An excellent accompaniment for the meeting

Craft cider is a great companion for friendly gatherings.

Taking the best from nature

Cider normalises microflora and increases endorphins.

/Craft cider
Traditionally, cider varieties have been associated with regions and historical traditions, as well as a drink that brings people together.
We offer a wide range of products:
Explore Bullevie's wide range of elegant flavours of true cider
Experience the value of every moment
Sparkling cider
The combination of delicate fresh flavour and delightful taste will make your experience with Bullevie Cidre unforgettable. Bringing joy and ease, our cider will become an essential part of your leisure.
Take pleasure from life
Alcohol free cider
Enjoy the variety of the Bullevie Cider non-alcoholic beverages. Unusual fruit, berry, and botanical combinations will turn every moment of your life into something special.
Feel the abundance of nature
Apple Shorly
Try Bullevie Shorly - a non-alcoholic lightly carbonated drink blended with natural apple juice. The refreshing glass of Shorly will not only energise you but also quench your thirst perfectly.
1 000 000
We produce 1,000,000 bottles per year
12 hectares
12 hectares of our own apple-and-pear orchards in the Leningrad oblast’
3 autochthonous apple varieties especially bred by for our cider production
For Distributors
If you are a supplier or a representative of a wholesale network and are looking for expansion of your sales opportunities, we are pleased to offer you cooperation.
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If you are a bar or restaurant owner/representative and want to expand your range, this section is for you.
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We kindly invite you to visit the Bullevie Cidre factory and to delve into the world of cider making. Get acquainted with the traditions of cider production and taste the main varieties.
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