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Natural cider for HoReCa wholesale from the manufacturer
Every sip of Bullevie cider is an opportunity to introduce your guest to the art of cider-making and enjoy the elegant taste of natural cider.

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We send you an individual price list specially tailored to your sales channel
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We hold the leading positions on the Russian market of natural ciders made from direct-pressed juices
  • We sell about 1,000,000 bottles per year and receive hundreds of positive reviews
  • We are a recognizable brand that has won the hearts of customers
  • We distribute our beverages in > 100 cities across Russia
  • Cider sales in Russia are growing steadily, with 70 million litres produced in 2022
  • We produce a wide range of flavours, which we constantly expand and improve

The assortment of Bullevie Cidre
All products comply with the GOST standards and all the other technical regulations of the Russian Federation
Sparkling cider
Feel the value of every moment
The combination of delicate fresh flavour and delightful taste will make your experience with Bullevie Cidre unforgettable. Bringing joy and ease, our cider will become an essential part of your leisure.
Craft cider
Discover the taste of true cider
The pleasant tartness of the flavour, inspired by the recipes of the world's best cideries, turns every sip of Bullevie cider into an endless pleasure. Feel the richness of nature and lightness of life with Bullevie craft cider.
Alcohol free cider
Take pleasure from life
Enjoy the variety of the Bullevie non-alcoholic beverages. Unusual fruit, berry, and botanical combinations will turn every moment of your life into something special.
Apple Shorly
/Experience the abundance of nature
Try Bullevie Shorly - a non-alcoholic lightly carbonated drink blended with natural apple juice. The refreshing glass of Shorly will not only energise you but also quench your thirst perfectly.
Contains vitamin C and antioxidants
Contains pectin - which lowers cholesterol rate
Ideal for those watching calories and aiming to keep their body in a perfect shape
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We involve key transport companies in Russia to deliver. Also we take responsibility for problems related to the work of transport companies like breakdowns, loss of cargo.
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