/We have been producing cider using freshly squeezed apple juice in the Leningrad oblast’ since 2016
Bullevie Cidre
We deliver taste to impressions!
Discover the elegant flavour of Bullevie Cidre produced from freshly squeezed apple juice along time-tested recipes and due to the talent of our master cider makers led by Dmitriy Tikhomirov.
1 000 000
We produce 1,000,000 bottles per year
12 hectares
12 hectares of our own apple-and-pear orchards in the Leningrad oblast’
3 autochthonous apple varieties especially bred by for our cider production
Every sip of Bullevie is an opportunity to immerse yourself into the art of cider-making and enjoy the unique taste of authentic cider

Based on time-tested recipes and the talent of Bullevie Cidre masters led by Dmitry Tikhomirov, we have built up a high-tech cider-making process in the Leningrad oblast’.

/Our philosophy
Bullevie Cidre - we deliver taste to impressions!

Bullevie Cidre is about the art of enjoying life, about love and belief in one's craft, as well as skill and team spirit. We carry on a centuries old tradition and at the same time we constantly interpret classic recipes and discover new ones.

Exceptional naturalness

Proprietary production technology

Continuation of traditions

Elegant taste

/Production Process
We cultivate the first autochthonous cider apple varieties in Russia. The company owns 12 hectares of apple and pear orchards.
Terroir: Oleshno village in the Luzhsky district, Leningradskaya oblast’.
From a harvested apple to the first sip of cider
Discover the taste of true cider
Visit the exclusive tour of Bullevie Cidre cidreria in the Leningrad Oblast’
  • Get acquainted with every stage of cider production.
  • Immerse yourself in traditions and modern techniques.
  • Learn about the art of sabering - the most elegant way of opening cider bottles with a sabre.
  • All guests are welcomed to enjoy a tasting session with light appetisers
A tour is a captivating journey into the world of the art of cider-making. We are confident that you will be leaving us with unforgettable impressions and a bottle of exceptional cider
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We invite you to visit the Bullevie Cidre factory to immerse yourself in the world of cider-making. Get acquainted with the traditions of production and taste the main varieties.
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About us
The most significant events happen when you decide to change your approach and do something in a new way

Dmitriy Tikhomirov is the founder and CEO of Bullevie Cidre enterprise, the first certified cider maker in Russia.

While travelling across Normandy, he tried French cider and was instantly captivated by its subtle taste and flavour. In 2016, after returning to Russia, he established the Bullevie Cidre company.

At the beginning of the path, Dmitriy collaborated with world known French cider producer Etienne Dupont to develop the best recipes for the new brand. The next several years, he was producing test batches until he was convinced that what he could deliver to the market is a true masterpiece.